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My question is about mimicking PuTTy inside Spacemacs in Windows, not about using Spacemacs via PuTTy.

That is, I am interested in learning whether it is possible to open within Spacemacs a remote terminal such that I could do within Spacemacs what I currently do in PuTTy. I know that one can work on remote files, by using the built-in TRAMP layer and doing something like C-x Cfand entering the remote address (e.g. /ssh:myusername@hostaddress:root/home/myfile.txt.

However, I never found anything about how to open just the remote terminal from the server being connected to. Is that even possible?

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I've been used

M-x shell to open a shell and, at the shell prompt, ssh remoteUser@remoteIp

to check if port 22 is open in remoteIp: nmap remoteIp

my apologises: I'm not sure if works on windows box

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