I'm working with a LaTeX document. I want to type "" since I need this for german.sty in LaTeX. Starting some time ago, Emacs thinks this is not a good idea. I do not agree.

Right now I have to write " SPC " and then manually remove the blank space in between the quotation marks.

How can I type two quotation marks in a row?


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It sounds like you are in tex-mode, and " is bound to tex-insert-quote.

If you never want that behavior, rebind the key to self-insert-command:

(define-key tex-mode-map "\"" #'self-insert-command)

If you want the default tex behavior but occasionally want to insert a pair of quotes, use a prefix arg: C-2 ".

Alternatively it seems like you can type """" to get "".


You can type C-q " for the second quote to do a "quoted insert". This should override whatever behavior is preventing the insertion of two quotes.

C-q is commonly used for inserting literal characters, such as C-q C-l for a ^L control character.

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