I have an org file like this

* Fun stuff [0/0]
** TODO Task 1
** TODO Task 2

If I run org-update-statistics-cookies inside [0/0] or press C-c C-# the text get updated to [0/2]. However, I would like to update all statistics in the document. Is there a way to do this? I found that if I call (org-update-checkbox-count t) the whole document gets updated to count checkboxes but not tasks.


The doc for the function states:

Update the statistics cookie, either from TODO or from checkboxes. This should be called with the cursor in a line with a statistics cookie. When called with a C-u prefix, update all statistics cookies in the buffer.

So call it like this: C-u M-x org-update-statistics-cookies RET (or equivalently C-u C-c #).

  • The shortcut for this is C-c #.
    – Daniel
    Aug 23 '19 at 22:52
  • 1
    Thanks - edited, but note that the C-u is necessary for this use case.
    – NickD
    Aug 23 '19 at 23:08
  • You're right! My mistake.
    – Daniel
    Aug 23 '19 at 23:32

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