I have a piece of code like this in yaml.

security_group_sig_egress_ipv6: "allowed_remote_sig_egress_ipv6"
security_group_sig_ingress_ipv6: "allowed_remote_sig_ingress_ipv6"
security_group_int_egress_ipv4: "allowed_remote_int_egress_ipv4"
security_group_int_ingress_ipv4: "allowed_remote_int_ingress_ipv4"
security_group_int_egress_ipv6: "allowed_remote_int_egress_ipv6"
security_group_int_ingress_ipv6: "allowed_remote_int_ingress_ipv6"
security_group_om_egress_ipv4: "allowed_remote_om_egress_ipv4"
security_group_om_ingress_ipv4: "allowed_remote_om_ingress_ipv4"
security_group_om_egress_ipv6: "allowed_remote_om_egress_ipv6"
security_group_om_ingress_ipv6: "allowed_remote_om_ingress_ipv6"

as you can see the ":" is the delimiter between the two expressions. I want to transpose/swap the "key:value" pair in following way for the entire rectangular region:

allowed_remotexxxx: "security_groupxxx"
allowed_remotexxxx: "security_groupxxx"
allowed_remotexxxx: "security_groupxxx"
allowed_remotexxxx: "security_groupxxx"

I can use Anchored Transpose to transpose each line separately but not the whole rectangular region. Is there a way in Emacs to achieve this with minimum keystrokes?

  • Using a keyboard macro comes to mind.
    – Drew
    Sep 15, 2017 at 16:16

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Multiple cursors works well for these things. You can select : " and then invoke mc/mark-all-like-this.

Here's a demo for your use-case


You can use replace-regexp with the following patterns:

Replace 2 groups of characters separated by colon, space and quotes:

 ^\(.*\):\ "\(.*\)"$

With the capture groups swapped and reformatted:

\2: "\1"
  • Thanks for the tip. Can I run all these commands under a rectangular mark?
    – Black_Zero
    Sep 18, 2017 at 11:15

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