I have Emacs running in deamon mode at /usr/bin/emacs --daemon

I have been told to start emacs as client I can type emacsclient -c -a "" $*

However, that command starts up a new version of the GUI emacs.

I am on Ubuntu and have both the GUI and non-GUI version of emacs installed but when I run that command I only want to connect to the non-GUI emacs daemon I have running.

I can get to this by typing emacs -nw but I use emacsclient -c -a "" $* so that any time a program opens with the default EDITOR (like a git commit message) it too opens in the emacs daemon.

How can I prevent the GUI emacs from opening?

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Replace -c with -t. The "c" is for "create-frame". "t" is for "tty". See "man emacsclient" or https://www.gnu.org/software/emacs/manual/html_node/emacs/emacsclient-Options.html

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