I collect propoerties of my titles in a columnview dynamic block. But it seems to ignore the width settings from the #+COLUMNS:

Example :

#+COLUMNS: %20ITEM(Projet) %10lead(Meneur)

#+BEGIN: columnview :maxlevel 2 :id global :maxlevel 2

The Project columns is very large and i'd like to shrink it. Putting a <20> inside of the dynamic table will not survice a block update.

Any idea ?


You can use the :format option to set the columns:

#+BEGIN: columnview :format "%20ITEM(Projet) %10lead(Meneur)" :maxlevel 2 :id global :maxlevel 2
  • Great tip, thanks. I can format each columnview in a document as I want. I tested it and it works, ... except for the size of the columns, putting %20 or %5 won't change anything. – skizo Oct 6 '17 at 6:46

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