In Magit I sometimes toggle Ignore all whitespace in the status buffer. This causes files that contain only whitespace changes to disappear. This means I cannot operate on them without toggling Ignore all whitespace and refreshing. Is there any option to change this behaviour?

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Magit just runs git diff --ignore-all-space .... That does not output files that contain only whitespace changes and so Magit doesn't display those either. I think it makes sense for Git/Magit to do that, it's kinda what you requested by using --ignore-all-space.

This means I cannot operate on them

You should still be able to do so. Many commands that default to the file at point (with or without confirmation) instead ask you for a file when invoked while point is not on a file.

So for example to stage a file that only contains whitespace changes move point to something that cannot be staged (e.g. onto "Unmerged into master") and press s as usual and then select the file you want to stage.

  • Yes, that makes sense. I can stage it as you proposed and that is fine, but what I think I want is something similar to what git status gives me on the command line. Here I can see the staged file no matter what diff options I use.
    – jacobilsoe
    Commented Sep 26, 2017 at 12:00

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