I've written a document in Org-mode but when exported it became like this:

  1. In the image on top, I've inserted a \bullet but it wont show and the text is not alligned:
  2. And in the image on bottom, the text is not aligned as body text, but as a list:

Text not aligned and LaTex command not working

This is the code for the first image:

To calculate the probability its necessary to calculate the probability of C given positive test
- P(C | Positive) = P(C) \bullet P(Positive | C)
- P(\urcorner C | Positive) = P(\urcorner C) \bullet P(Positive | -C)

and for the second:

******* Summary

It is important to always test the data after the fitting to measure the accuracy of the predictions made by the program. At least 10% of the data should be saved to test. When telling anyone the result of the predictions, tell about the accuracy of the test data.
  • Regarding the second issue, your level heading is too deep. Unless you have an export option like H:7, and the export class has the appropriate definition, it will probably be interpreted as a list.
    – suvayu
    Sep 25 '17 at 10:54
  • @suvayu, you're right, when I try to export just the subtree, it works as intended Sep 25 '17 at 14:28
  • @suvayu Indeed. Interestingly enough, if you don't use upper level headings (I just pasted OP code) this is processed as a top level heading.
    – JeanPierre
    Sep 25 '17 at 14:59
  • @VascoFerreira If you post the 2nd part as a separate question (as it should be, according to SX guidelines), I could try to give a more comprehensive response.
    – suvayu
    Oct 1 '17 at 7:14

For the first problem, you need to add $ around the \urcorners, apparently it can only appears in latex math mode.

Generally speaking, a good way to solve such problems is to export to latex instead of pdf, then compile the latex file (simply use C-c C-c if auctex is installed), and examine errors if any. Of course knowing a bit about latex is recommended then.

The second part displays ok for me with the source you provided.

  • Also, you may want to use \neg rather than \urcorner.
    – JeanPierre
    Sep 24 '17 at 21:41
  • If i export just the subtree it works as intended for the second problem. For the first, $ does work, and if I also write \begin{equation} it also works. Sep 24 '17 at 22:31
  • What's the text before the Summary line?
    – JeanPierre
    Sep 25 '17 at 6:52
  • It's another heading in the same level. Sep 25 '17 at 14:28

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