generating python tags with

for file in $(find -type f -regex ".+\\.\(py\)"); do etags -a $file; done

doesn't load at emacs with error

path/TAGS is not a valid tags file

although other language i.e c works just fine, and syntax of generated TAGS doesn't look odd!

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You can generate the TAG file like this:

find . -name "*.py" | xargs etags -a

Then in .emacs file:

(setq tags-table-list (list "/path/to/TAG/file/dir/"))


the problem was with emacs configuration, it worked after re-installation.

with general regex

cd $1
rm -rf TAGS
for file in $(find $1 -type f -regex ".+\\.c?h?S?\(cpp\)?\(cxx\)?\(cc\)?\(hpp\)?\(hxx\)?\(hh\)?\(rb\)?\(go\)?\(js\)?\(py\)?\(java\)?" ); do
    echo "adding $file"
    etags -a $file

It may depend on which application is being used to generate the tags. Most, I belief, support an option specifically for use with Emacs. For Universal Ctags, there is the -e flag:

-e   Output tag file for use with Emacs.

To generate,

# -R to recurse, -e for Emacs
ctags -Re .

Load the result into Emacs with M-x visit-tags-table.

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