I've read this http://ensime.org/build_tools/gradle/ but the instructions here are wrong: ensime-gradle simply doesn't exist in jcenter repository. There is a different version of ensime-gradle in https://plugins.gradle.org/m2/ but ensime-mode complains that this plugin is no longer supported:

You are using a .ensime file format that is no longer supported.
You must upgrade your build tool or downgrade to ensime stable.
See http://ensime.org/editors/emacs/install

Unfortunately, I have to use Gradle for this project. So, I cannot replace it by sbt. Does anyone know where I can find the ensime-gradle plugin of the version that does work with the resent ensime-mode?

Further examination showed that .ensime file doesn't have any values for :ensime-server-jars and :ensime-server-version. I'm trying to understand why aren't they being generated...

  • Whoever dowvoted, care to comment? I don't care about karma points: I really want to see someone who got this to work, or at least knows something about this problem. – wvxvw Oct 14 '17 at 7:37
  • not sure why you were downvoted - the plugin is still dead – Outurnate Dec 1 '17 at 1:32

OK, after more searching and swapping dependencies, I found this ticket: https://github.com/ensime/ensime-gradle/issues/60 . Conclusion: Ensime plugin for Gradle simply doesn't work, there are no versions of Ensime and Gradle Ensime plugin that are compatible and the work on the plugin must have stopped about two years ago.

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