I sometimes "accidentally" hit TAB again when I've already completed myself into a subdirectory. This means the current dir ./ is highlighted and ivy opens it with dired.

This is basically never ever ever what I want to do. I will do it one million times by accident for every time I actually want to open ./ with dired. So I rebound TAB from ivy-partial-or-done to ivy-partial. But this means ivy doesn't actually enter subdirs on TAB, it just completes them. This works, but forces an extra RET press every time I want to enter a subdir.

So what I basically want is the default behaviour, BUT have ivy special-case ./ by doing nothing. Is this possible?

  • Alternatively, you can retrain yourself to use / to enter directories instead of TAB.
    – Omar
    Oct 7, 2017 at 1:55

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This might be the best solution:

(setq ivy-extra-directories nil)

Not only will you not accidentally dired into ./, it's not even displayed as a candidate. And ../ is redundant too because you can just use the keyboard shortcut for "up one level"

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