I was on the fence about raising this on GitHub, but it's not necessarily a feature request and it certainly isn't a bug report.

I'd like to add some actionability to every reference to commits within Magit. For instance, I'd like to add a 'browse this commit on GitHub' feature to Magithub, but I don't want to track down all the places commits are displayed to a user – I'd like to just say 'commit references should have this additional behavior' and have that just work.

Soon, I'll want to do something similar for branches, and I can easily see this list growing. A one-off solution for commits clearly won't scale well.

Is this possible already in Magit? If not, how should an implementation approach this? My guess is that the text should use a local keymap that can be modified by consumers. (If the latter, I will definitely add this as a feature request on the tracker and link the discussions together.)

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Each section has a type and for some section types, including the ones you have mentioned, a type-specific keymap exists named magit-TYPE-section-map. Also look at the various magit-*-at-point functions in magit-git.el and how they are used in hairy cases elsewhere.

To get information about the section at point use M-x magit-describe-section. The first symbol inside the printed vector is the section type.

A section (currently) can only have one type, which can complicate matters. For example all children of a log have type commit, even those that a tag and/or branch point at.

So if you want a command to be available whenever there is a branch at point, then you would have to bind it not only in magit-branch-section-map but also magit-commit-section-map. And then you would have to dispatch again inside the command itself. The functions I have mention help here, but you should also read Matching Sections.

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