I'm trying to set up a function running on my timer to refresh my org-gcal files by using the emacs-async library as follows:

  `(lambda ()
     ,(async-inject-variables "load-path")
     (require 'org)
     (require 'alert)
     (require 'request-deferred)
     (require 'org-gcal)
     (setq deferred:debug t
           async-debug t)

However, when I actually run this, the async-get command (which waits for the async process to complete) hangs forever. When I run org-gcal-fetch in my normal Emacs process, it completes within a few seconds. Is there any way to set up a debug trace of the functions that are being run in the async process so I can debug where it's getting stuck?

  • Why are you passing ‘ignore to ‘async-start? Documentation suggests this tells the library that you don’t care about the returned future.
    – InHarmsWay
    May 3, 2018 at 22:56


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