Specifically in the content of exporting org->latex->pdf when using pdftools to view the resulting pdf, how can I stop emacs from asking me if I want to revert the pdf buffer and instead just auto-revert without asking?

I tried:

(add-hook 'pdf-view-mode-hook (lambda () (auto-revert-mode 1)))

and also:

(add-hook 'pdf-tools-enabled-hook (lambda () (auto-revert-mode 1)))

But neither of these had an effect.

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    See revert-without-query, I suppose.
    – politza
    Oct 9, 2017 at 19:40
  • (add-hook 'pdf-view-mode-hook (lambda () (auto-revert-mode 1))) worked fine for me. After doing that, open a PDF file and check that the mode line shows (PDFView ARev): if that's the case, the PDF buffer should automatically revert from the PDF file every time you update that file (e.g. with C-c C-e l p).
    – NickD
    Jan 19 at 4:09

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I use M-x auto-revert-mode in the actual buffer with pdf.

  • Shouldn't the (add-hook 'pdf-view-mode-hook (lambda () (auto-revert-mode 1))) automatically do that in any case?
    – NickD
    Jan 19 at 4:10
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