It's kind of weird how un-ergonomically placed the parenthesis keys are. I'd like a function that smartly brackets my stuff for me based on context:

  • If the mark is active, the region should be enclosed by ()
  • If the mark is not active and the cursor is in the middle of a symbol, it should enclose the region between the cursor and the next whitespace: foo|bar bla -> foo(|bar) bla.
  • Consecutive calls should result in cycling the bracket type, i.e. (x) -> [x] -> {x} -> ('x') -> ("x") -> ...

This would be awesome. Does there exist a package/function that does something similar already?

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Item one is provided by simple-paren

The first step of the last request for the moment is realized via keys:

(global-set-key [(super \()] 'simple-paren-parentize)

(global-set-key [(super \[)] 'simple-paren-bracket)


Item two: push mark at point, forward-word followed by one of the commands above - done.

WRT cycling you may consider a feature request.

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