Im new to Emacs, i hope i didn't miss anything simple.

My configuration is:

  • OS - OSX sierra 10.12.6.
  • Emacs - 25.3.1 (Emacs-emacs-plus from homebrew)
  • python - trying to set 2.7.14.

I want to make myself a decent developing environment for python, there is one problem i'm not sure how to solve.

I want emacs (and all layers) to use python from this path: /usr/local/bin/python2

I seted in .spacemacs file at (defun dotspacemacs/user-config ():

    ;; python:
    (setq python-shell-interpreter "/usr/local/bin/python2")
    (setq py-python-command "/usr/local/bin/python2")
    (setq python-shell-completion-native-enable nil)

Now when i execute run-python: python path run-pyton. it works well and start with desired version.

But when i'm editing python file in python-mode and trying to launch either live-py or python-execute-file it opens up in system default python version. i.e.: py-live mode. different path.

What i am doing wrong?


  • What's python-execute-file? I don't seem to have a command with that name (spacemacs branch devel). Commented Nov 11, 2017 at 22:12

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SPC h d f run-python RET and SPC h d f live-py-mode will tell you that those two commands are provided by different files (python.el and live-py-mode.el respectively). This will take you to the source code for live-py-mode: SPC SPC find-library RET live-py-mode RET. If you look at the variables near the top of that file, you'll see that setting live-py-mode like this is what you need:

(setq live-py-version "python2")

  • trying SPC h d f live-py-mode RET i keep getting this message: simpler-helm-bookmark-keybindings: Symbol’s value as variable is void: helm-bookmark-map @Croad Langshan Commented Nov 14, 2017 at 7:06
  • @MasterSprinkler Looks like you might need to update your spacemacs: github.com/syl20bnr/spacemacs/issues/9549
    – Ryan
    Commented Mar 12, 2018 at 16:55

I also had the same problem. Then I figured it out that I can use C-u SPC m c c, and then, for example, using python3 python_script.py to execute python_script.py with specified python3 rather than the system default python. However, I still don't know how to set the default version as python3.

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