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I have many git repositories.

Does the notion of the currently selected repository exist in Magit?

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    Magit automatically acts upon the repository which is appropriate for the currently selected buffer. There is no such thing as the "currently selected repository" if you invoke a Magit command from a buffer which is not associated with a repository.
    – phils
    Commented Oct 19, 2017 at 10:45

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Yes, Magit knows what the current repository is. That means that you can, for example, have multiple status buffers, each showing the status of a certain repository. When you invoke magit-status, Magit will automatically show the status for the current repository, either creating a new buffer or switching to an existing buffer for that repository.

The current repository is determined by asking Git what the repository for the buffer-local value of default-directory is. So you can invoke a Magit command and it will always do its thing in the right repository, i.e. in the directory the current buffer "is in". Like in a shell where git also acts on the current repository based on the shell's working directory ($PWD).

If the default-directory is not located inside a Git repository then you will likely get an error. Some commands will instead ask about creating a new repository or switching to an existing repository.

If you need that information programmatically, then you can use the function magit-toplevel to get the top-level directory of the current repository's working directory. Or you can use magit-git-dir to get the location of the .git directory (which might be located outside the working tree).

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