I like the idea of xcape for exiting insert-mode by just quickly tapping Control_L, but I don't like how it leaves "unconsumed" escapes around in other modes, or in other programs/terminals, which mess up my flow.

(E.g. input is xargs █oldcommand and I'm about remove oldcommand with C-k, so I hit Control_L, then change my mind because I want to type "bash -c" first, but because of the escape that turns into M-b ash -c leaving me with ash -c█xargs oldcommand instead of xargs bash -c█ oldcommand.)

Can Emacs itself handle lone modifier keypresses so I can have this only in evil insert-mode?

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I found a workaround, inspired by the comment by Håkon Hægland in Leave evil insert mode with control key

First make a keycode for VoidSymbol with xmodmap (xcape can only work on keysyms that have assigned keycodes), then let xcape map Control_L to that instead of Escape:

xmodmap  -e 'keycode 255 = VoidSymbol'
xcape -t 175 -e 'Control_L=VoidSymbol'

Then just

(define-key evil-insert-state-map (kbd "<VoidSymbol>") 'evil-normal-state)
(define-key evil-visual-state-map (kbd "<VoidSymbol>") 'evil-normal-state)

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