Using org-mode, I can open a single url with Cco on it.

But if I have a list of them like:

- http://www.cnn.com
- http://www.example.com

How can I tell it to open all of them in different tabs?

I use Firefox. Marking all and applying Cco would just run the last one.

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Use the multiple-cursors package! When you have all lines in your region you can use mc/mark-lines to create cursors for each line. Move your cursors onto the URL and use your usual command to open the link (sounds like C-c o?). Answer 'yes' when asked whether to use the command for all cursors.

Multiple cursors offers a variety of other approaches to create cursors (mc/mark-next-like-this, mc/mark-all-like-this, mc/mark-all-like-this-dwim, etc.). Play around with them a little bit to decide what's comfortable. I have a selection of mc commands bound to C-c m for convenience.

  • For some reason, I don't have mc/mark-lines? Only mc/mark-next-lines which doesn't seem to work. Mar 20, 2023 at 23:51
  • I can do mc/edit-beginnings-of-lines Mar 20, 2023 at 23:57

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