I'm curious if there is a mechanism for determining whether a keybinding is a stock (default) keybinding within Emacs (or a particular package). Whenever I mention a command to someone I generally need to check whether what I use is the default. (It would be great to have a visual indication of the customization in the describe-key/describe-key-briefly output!)

Given the basic structure of keymaps I imagine that it isn't possible to judge the modification state from the keymaps themselves. I think it would be necessary to attach advice to define-key prior to customizations and then simply track them.


It turns out that bind-key does almost exactly this! describe-personal-keybindings displays a listing of all customizations made using bind-key (but not define-key directly). I guess I'm going to remove all uses of define-key in my init now.

Custom bindings are tracked in personal-keybindings and per the docstring have the following structure:


Now to customize the describe-key/describe-key-briefly output...

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