I'm looking for a good org-mode "sandbox" or demonstration document that contains a comprehensive survey of general-purpose org-mode features as examples in a self-descriptive form.

My intended application is as a general purpose "org scratch buffer" to test code without needing to write sample content.

For example (from testing/examples/normal.org):

#+TITLE: Example file
#+OPTIONS: num:nil ^:nil
#+STARTUP: hideblocks

This is an example file for use by the Org-mode tests.

* top
** code block
   :header-args: :tangle yes
   :CUSTOM_ID: code-block-section
Here are a couple of code blocks.

#+begin_src emacs-lisp :tangle no
  ;; 94839181-184f-4ff4-a72f-94214df6f5ba
  (message "I am code")
* accumulating properties in drawers
 :header-args+: :var bar=2
 :header-args: :var foo=1
 :ID:       75282ba2-f77a-4309-a970-e87c149fe125

#+begin_src emacs-lisp :results silent
 (list bar foo)

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There are plenty of org-mode example documents.

Some interesting picks:

  1. Erik Schulte's scraps is an aged collection of babel test cases.
  2. Organize Your Life In Plain Text! by Bernt Hansen is a nice read.
  3. Emacs org-mode examples and cookbook by Erik Nielsen is a nice collection of org-export features and options.

This is my favourite: https://writequit.org/denver-emacs/presentations/files/example.org.html

The only missing thing is the header with the document title/author/...

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