With this setup (setq org-log-refile 'time) I have the following notes added to my TODO entry that I refiled (already twice and it is ended up in long someday-maybe):

* TASK Note on where the entry was refiled from
- Refiled on [2016-04-04 Mon 00:57]
- Refiled on [2015-05-15 Fri 13:53]
- State "TASK"       from ""           [2015-05-15 Fri 13:53]

What I would also like to have is the note about the place where it was refiled from. Like so:

* TASK Note on where the entry was refiled from
- Refiled on [2016-04-04 Mon 00:57] from ~/emacs-tasks.org::*Tasks%20workflow
- Refiled on [2015-05-15 Fri 13:53] from ~/stuff.org
- State "TASK"       from ""           [2015-05-15 Fri 13:53]

The problem is that the templates for adding notes org-log-note-headings do not support a proper placeholder (something like %F used in org-capture-templates). Moreover, it is explicitly not recommended to change these templates. Any suggestions how to achieve desired result?


For now I came up with the following work around:

;; do not use default refile logging
(setq org-log-refile nil)

;; add custom logging instead
(add-hook 'org-after-refile-insert-hook #'clavis-org-refile-add-refiled-from-note)

(advice-add 'org-refile

(defvar clavis-org-refile-refiled-from-id nil)
(defvar clavis-org-refile-refiled-from-header nil)

(defun clavis-org-save-source-id-and-header ()
  "Saves refile's source entry's id and header name to `clavis-org-refile-refiled-from-id' and `clavis-org-refile-refiled-from-header'. If refiling entry is first level entry then it stores file path and buffer name respectively."
    (if (org-up-heading-safe)
          (setq clavis-org-refile-refiled-from-id (org-id-get nil t))
          (setq clavis-org-refile-refiled-from-header
                (org-get-heading 'no-tags 'no-todo 'no-priority 'no-comment)))
      (setq clavis-org-refile-refiled-from-id (buffer-file-name))
      (setq clavis-org-refile-refiled-from-header (buffer-name)))))

(defun clavis-org-refile-add-refiled-from-note ()
  "Adds a note to entry at point on where the entry was refiled from using the org ID from `clavis-org-refile-refiled-from-id' and `clavis-org-refile-refiled-from-header' variables."
  (when (and clavis-org-refile-refiled-from-id
      (let* ((note-format "- Refiled on [%s] from [[id:%s][%s]]\n")
             (time-format (substring (cdr org-time-stamp-formats) 1 -1))
             (time-stamp (format-time-string time-format (current-time))))
        (goto-char (org-log-beginning t))
        (insert (format note-format
    (setq clavis-org-refile-refiled-from-id nil)
    (setq clavis-org-refile-refiled-from-header nil)))

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