Windows 10, Emacs 25.1, Dired+, Dired-K

Here my dired buffer:


As you can see Dired-K show size of files and folder in KB/MB. OK. Nice.

But total available is show in bytes. Is it possible to show availabe space also in KB/MB?

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  1. The sizes shown in the listing as 2k etc. are available using appropriate ls switches (e.g., -h, for "human-readable"). I don't know whether Dired-K imposes such a switch, but in any case you don't need Dired-K or Dired+ for that.

  2. That total available display comes from vanilla Dired. And no, currently there is no other way to show the value than what you see. That's the answer to your question.

  3. Libraries ls-lisp+.el and files+.el enhance that total-available line by adding the number of files for the current listing (e.g. of a subdir) and the total number of files listed in the Dired buffer. If you use them you'll see something like this, instead of what you show. (If you hit RET or click the mouse on the text then *Help* pops up with complete info about the directory.)

    files 1142/1142 space used 66944 available 91321548
  4. Dired+ is not involved in this, but the ls-lisp+.el and files+.el enhancement is described on the Dired+ page.

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