I'd like to have a clock table report include the date in which each task was completed. Is it possible to have a column for the last clock-out date? Using :timestamp t only works for the scheduled or deadline timestamp...


I am not quite sure what exactly you want: (a) the date the task was completed or (b) the last clock-out date. These are not necessarily the same. I have no solution for (b), but can provide one for (a):

#+BEGIN: clocktable :properties ("CLOSED")

The CLOSED property is one of a few special properties which is available with the :properties option. (For other options check this page.)

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  • This works. I had to set (setq org-log-done 'time) to have a CLOSED timestamp inserted when I change TODO status to DONE. So in my file this will only work for reports with future tasks... But anyway, thanks! – NTC Oct 30 '17 at 19:18

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