While capturing I set a custom property CREATED like:

* Mynote
:CREATED: [2017-10-12 17:40]

How can I create an agenda view which contains all the Items I created this week?

(I am aware of file+olp+datetree to capture items in a datetree but I regulary refile them to a "proper" location, so this tree doesn't help me)

  • There are a few org-mode gurus who are passionate about these types of questions and will probably come along any minute to answer your question. While I am aware that org-tags-view can query drawers as discussed in the advanced searching section of the org-mode manual, that function doesn't specialize in date ranges. You might wish to consider using a regexp that contains a match of the seven target days, and perform an advanced search as discussed in the manual. org-search-view is another option that accepts regex. I don't know of a way off-hand to use org-agenda-list here. – lawlist Oct 31 '17 at 0:30

You can compare dates using the usual comparason operators (for example <) in queries. Further you can refer to relative times using the syntax <-1w> for "one week ago" (especially useful is the special value <today>). For example CREATED>"<-1w>" will match anything whose CREATED property is greater than one week ago (entries without the property don't match). Both active and inactive times will match.

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