When I'm composing a message in message-mode I sometimes want to remove a recipient from a long list of recipients on the To: line. It seems that there is no semantic kill command that would delete a complete recipient.

I could zap to the next delimiter, I suppose, but the different formats available for recipients and their display names makes this a lot harder. When on a To:, Cc: or Bcc: line, I really don't need to be able to delete words or sentences or s-expressions, I just need to be able to remove a recipient as a syntactic unit.

How can I easily augment kill-sexp to remove a recipient (i.e. name and email address in the various common formats) when I'm on a recipient line?


message-kill-address (C-c M-k) gets you most of the way there: it will kill from point to the end of the address. You would need to advise/adapt it to go to the beginning of the address to have complete functionality.

For what it's worth, message-kill-address relies internally on message-skip-to-next-address, but as far as I can tell, there's no analogous message-skip-to-previous-address. You could probably adapt the former to get a working version of the latter.

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