My goal is to bind SPC SPC to counsel-M-x.
I've tried using this snippet from this post

(use-package general
 :ensure t
 (general-evil-setup t)
  :states '(normal visual insert emacs)
  :prefix "SPC"
  "SPC" '(counsel-M-x :which-key "M-x")

I don't see any errors when I evaluate this snippet but it's not taking an effect, how should I proceed?

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I think that you want to do this instead:

 :keymaps 'normal
 :prefix "SPC"
 "SPC" '(counsel-M-x :which-key "M-x"))

You generally want to use :keymaps for the global evil state keymaps. See the readme for more details. Please make an issue on the general.el repository if you have further questions.

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