The way S-TAB (org-global-cycle) switches between "top headline -> all headlines -> all content" is great for showing an outline and provide overview, but acts on the full document. Using TAB (org-cycle) works on a local part of the document, but cycles between "chosen headline -> next headline -> all content".

Thus, org-cycle does not provide the same good overview, as all the content is revealed before an outline has been shown.

Is it possible to modify (org-cycle) to cycle between four levels, e.g., "chosen headline -> next headline -> all headlines -> all content"?

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  • My answer in a semi-related thread discusses a way to show all the properties when cycling: stackoverflow.com/a/17492723/2112489 I.e., by modifying org-cycle-internal-local. Because org-mode answers are a moving target in so far as everyone has different versions and the answer changes from day to day as development continues, I generally only make comments instead of posting answers .... – lawlist Nov 1 '17 at 14:41

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