I am new to Magit and Spacemacs. I do not understand descriptions of other-window and next-window in the manual.

I have 4 windows open in a Spacemacs frame like this:

|  |  |
|  |  |

SPC g s opens Magit Status in another window. But which window? It seems so random, with Magit Status often opening in a window I want left as is.

Is there a way to control which window SPC g s will open Magit Status?

Is there a way to predict which window SPC g s will open Magit Status?


You can control how Magit selects a window to display a certain buffer using the option magit-display-buffer-function as described in Switching Buffers. Unfortunately this is a rather complicated matter and it is not possible to come up with a solution that works for everyone (for Magit buffers or in Emacs in general). You should also consult the documentation that the linked resource itself links to.

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