I bind M-o to next-word, and want to use M-O to shift-select next word. M-O works well on Emacs GUI app on Mac, but not on Emacs in a terminal.

The reason is: In the terminal, up-arrow is encoded as M-O A (similar for other arrow keys), so M-O becomes a prefix key.

A solution is to use timeout, which was implemented by ergoemacs. However, I don't use ergoemacs keymap, so I don't wanna install it yet. Is there any other (smaller) package/function implemented the timeout solution?

  • Why just not use the default next-word (actually forward-word) keybinding defined to M-f? Are you talking about a different thing? Nov 9, 2017 at 9:03
  • Similar to ergoemacs, I re-map almost all shortcuts in my Emacs, e.g., my M-f is forward-char.
    – AhLeung
    Nov 9, 2017 at 10:17

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Codes adapted from https://gist.github.com/Pitometsu/f2f68d5e81862ceffb0d76d277376cf1

(defun my-tty-init-esc (frame)
  "Update `input-decode-map' in terminal with FRAME."
  (with-selected-frame frame
    (let ((term (frame-terminal frame)))
      (when (not (terminal-parameter term 'my-tty-esc-map))
        (let ((my-tty-esc-map (lookup-key input-decode-map [?\e])))
          (set-terminal-parameter term 'my-tty-esc-map my-tty-esc-map)
          (define-key input-decode-map [?\e]
            `(menu-item "" ,my-tty-esc-map :filter ,#'my-tty-esc))))
      (when (not (terminal-parameter term 'my-tty-M-O-map))
        (let ((my-tty-M-O-map (lookup-key input-decode-map "\eO")))  ; [?\eO] is not valid
          (set-terminal-parameter term 'my-tty-M-O-map my-tty-M-O-map)
          (define-key input-decode-map "\eO"
            `(menu-item "" ,my-tty-M-O-map :filter ,#'my-tty-M-O)))))))
(defun my-tty-esc (map)
  (if (and
       (let ((keys (this-single-command-keys)))
         (and (> (length keys) 0)
              (= (aref keys (1- (length keys))) ?\e)))
       (sit-for my-tty-prefix-timeout))
      (prog1 [escape]
        (when defining-kbd-macro
          (setq last-kbd-macro (vconcat last-kbd-macro [escape]))
          (start-kbd-macro t t)))
(defun my-tty-M-O (map)
  (if (and
       (let ((keys (this-single-command-keys)))
         (> (length keys) 0))
       (sit-for my-tty-prefix-timeout))
        (setq this-command-keys-shift-translated t)
(setq my-tty-prefix-timeout 0.01)
(add-hook 'after-make-frame-functions #'my-tty-init-esc)
(mapc #'my-tty-init-esc (frame-list))

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