I have binded Winum functions to SPC 0 - SPC 9. In which-key minibuffer I see each key by its own (10 labels), which occupies a lot of space. It would be great if I could group all winum keys labels into one label like "0..9". So I wonder there if is some way to do this.

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Yes, there is a way to do this using the variable which-key-replacement-alist. This should do what you want. You can manipulate it as needed.

(push '(("\\(.*\\) 0" . "winum-select-window-0") . ("\\1 0..9" . "window 0..9"))
(push '((nil . "winum-select-window-[1-9]") . t) which-key-replacement-alist)

The first line tells which-key to replace the binding to winum-select-window-0 with a description of the range. The final line tells which-key to ignore the bindings to winum-select-window-[1-9].

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