We recently switched from CVS to GIT, performing the conversion with cvs2git.

I use magit, but I cannot find the combination of settings required to see all tags in the log view. The closest that I have got is using l, adding -D and then b.

The tags are visible with the following command line:

> git log --oneline --decorate --graph --all
| * f7b6bbb (tag: X_Y_Z1, tag: X_Y_Z2) This commit was manufactured by cvs2git to create tag 'X_Y_Z2'.

One suggestion was that magit may not be able to handle the unnamed branches created by cvs2git.

Is there a way to show such tags in magit?

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I assume that "unnamed branches" are refs that are not inside the refs/heads/* "namespace". Such refs are not considered branches by Git. In fact even "remote branches" (refs/remotes/REMOTE/*) are not considered to be actual branches.

You can view the log for all refs using the "Log all references" variant on l a. That uses the --all argument; unlike "Log all branches" (l b), which uses --branches and --remotes.

  • Many thanks. I needed to include -D, --simplify-by-decoration and then a. This was a combination I must not have tried. Commented Nov 6, 2017 at 16:33

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