Going to build Emacs from the git repository.
Found this and this resources that suggest to compile it with xwidgets for Ubuntu 16.04.

On my Ubuntu 14.04, did install the corresponding dependencies with apt-get, but still getting this configure error:

configure: error: xwidgets requested but WebKitGTK+ not found.

Though libgtk-3-dev and libwebkitgtk-3.0-dev are installed.
Any hints?


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For emacs-26 on ubuntu, the required package for --with-xwidgets is libwebkit2gtk-4.0-dev.

Found in comment here, confirmed by experience.


Emacs switched from webkit1gtk to webkit2gtk so you'll need to install that instead. Your GTK package should be fine.

PS: I agree with the linked article, although I wouldn't put it this drastically. You're better off with using a dedicated browser built upon WebKit or WebEngine. If all you're after is Emacs keybindings, EXWM might be an alternative.

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