I am trying to achieve a slightly smart package management in my init.el file but can't achieve it because of ELisp ignorance. Here is the case.

;; package loader function
(defun load-packages-context-sensitively (plist)
  (dolist (ppack plist) 
    (unless (and ((not window-system) (string= (assoc ppack plist) "GUI")))
      (require '(ppack)))))

(defconst package-assoc-list
  '((package-1 "CLI") ;here
    (package-2 "CLI") ; I 
    (package-3 "GUI") ; declare
    (package-4 "GUI") ; my packages
    (package-5 "CLI")))

(load-packages-context-sensitively (package-assoc-list)) ; here we need a happy ending

I simply want to generate an associated list (I'm not even sure if its the right data structure) and map each package name (provide 'package-x)'ed in another file to "GUI" and "CLI" strings. What I want to achieve is to pass the list to my slightly-smart-function and prevent GUI packages being loaded in CLI environments...

It gives me Symbol's function definition is void: package-assoc-list error now. Yes it looks very self-explanatory, it is well documented but I couldn't find a way to overcome it.

Any help, any correction, any suggestion, any cringe is more than welcome.

  • Side note: loading a package should have "no visible effect" (other than defining some functions and variables, that is): any visible effect is usually considered a bug (because Emacs sometimes loads packages for rather frivolous reasons). So most likely you shouldn't be thinking about which packages to load, but about which functionality to enable.
    – Stefan
    Nov 12, 2017 at 1:33

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This question is likely a duplicate, but I don't find it now.

You are using (package-assoc-list), which means to invoke the function package-assoc-list. Just use variable package-assoc-list instead.

(load-packages-context-sensitively package-assoc-list)

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