one thing very interesting, i tried to

(define-key ivy-minibuffer-map (kbd "C-x") 'ivy-kill-line)

..well then i restart my emacs, the first time i use the ivy to complete something, i type C-x indeed can kill the line,

but ,the second time i use the ivy, the C-x became a suffix. what the fuxk... then i tried which-key-mode, i found these keys on suffix of C-x in ivy-minibuffer

  1. C-x 8(iso-transl-ctl-8-map) -> (many strange chars inside..)
  2. C-x @ -> (S -> event-apply-shift-modifier)(h -> event-apply-hyper-modifier)....etc something like this
  3. C-x r -> (some functions on rectangle..)

but i never defined them... what the fuxk...

anyone can help me out.. i just want to use C-x in ivy-minibuffer-map to kill the line.

btw, i tried this, doesnt work.

(defvar ivy-minibuffer-map (let ((map (make-sparse-keymap)))define xxxxx)

emmm.i think maybe this is caused by some other minor modes. emmmm. confused.


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