In org-mode, when I press C-c C-d to add agenda, I got below screen: enter image description here

It's perfect to see current day has been marked with red background, how can I mark the holidays (say 12/25) with some background color also?

  • M-x calendar-mark-holidays will mark holiday with color, maybe add it to a hook will automatically mark after calendar loaded.
    – beetlej
    Nov 14 '17 at 3:34

The documentation of the customization option calendar-mark-holidays-flag says:

Non-nil means mark dates of holidays in the calendar window. The marking symbol is specified by the variable `calendar-holiday-marker'.

I suggest to enable this option. I've tested it with emacs -Q and it works in emacs 25.3.1.

The screenshot after additionally adding calendar-mark-today to calendar-visible-today-hook and adapting calendar-today face to your configuration:

Image of calendar

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