When I try to enter tags, autocomplete is tedious. I do C-c C-q enter first few characters, hit TAB then select. And repeat if I want to add more than one tags.

I can do the same by entering : in the heading, enter the first few characters of the tag followed by ESC TAB.

I find both the option tedious. What I would love to have, instead, is after the heading, I enter : and ANY characters in a previously entered tag. Possible completions are shown right there. I select the one I want and enter a : and repeat if I want to add more tags.

Is there a way to achieve this? If it can not be done in the heading itself, I am OK with entering C-c C-q and doing the same thing.

Important thing is enter any characters, ignore case while matching, and choices are shown right there.

  • When it comes to Emacs, just about anything is possible. The question is how much time would be involved to create a new feature, and what complications (if any) would ensue based thereon. You may wish to consider experimenting with adding and removing a custom function to the post-self-insert-hook when it's time to insert a tag and auto-completion is desired; and/or, you may wish to utilize an idle-timer that would launch that custom function after a certain period of time of no activity (which can also be removed from the timer-idle-list when your are finished. – lawlist Nov 19 '17 at 18:29

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