I am using emacs for writing email with mutt. Email are stored in /tmp even after I sent them (until /tmp is cleared). Since I start emacs with emacs--daemon, I have all the emails I have written during the session opened as buffers when launching emacsclient.

I don't like this behavior. I would like emacs to kill the opened buffer when C-c C-x is pressed (and to not have this buffer charged when open a new window of emacs with emacsclient.

How can I do this?

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Make sure server-kill-new-buffers is t (the default) and finish editing with C-x # instead of C-c C-x.

This calls server-edit. I cite the relevant part of it's doc string here:

Switch to next server editing buffer; say "Done" for current buffer. If a server buffer is current, it is marked "done" and optionally saved. The buffer is also killed if it did not exist before the clients asked for it. When all of a client’s buffers are marked as "done", the client is notified.

If there just one buffer associated with the client that buffer is killed and the terminal of the client is closed.

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