When I press C-x C-b I get ibuffer (installed as part of prelude I think)

I like to press backtick and get the Filename/Process displayed. Another SE answer helped me with that. (ibuffer hide columns)

I have about a dozen files open, but my work happens in a deeply nested directory. So my ibuffer display is overflowing with all the parent folders information


Nowadays I'm exclusively working inside the ~/Work/Project/subjproject/submodule/ folder. So I buffer don't need to tell me that. It's wasted space to display that.

What can I do about this?

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I can think of three ways of handling this.

One would be to add a new column type to ibuffer.

A second (which would be system-wide) would be to define a directory alias in directory-mode-alist. Playing with this, the alias needs to start with "/":

(setq directory-abbrev-alist 
         . "/$PROJECT")))

Note that in this case, my experiments show that the alias needs a leading slash. This only affects new buffers: filenames of existing file-visiting buffers are not affected.

A third (which would be confined to ibuffer mode) would be to define a directory alias in ibuffer-directory-abbrev-alist

(setq ibuffer-directory-abbrev-alist 
         . "$PROJECT")))

This doesn't need the leading slash, and takes effect immediately.

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    The docstring of directory-abbrev-alist explains the need for the leading slash, as well as some other finer points about permitted values.
    – Basil
    Commented Dec 2, 2017 at 18:03

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