Windows 10, Emacs 25.1, Dired+, xah-find

I use package xah-find for find/replace text in many files. OK. It's work. If I want to find in all java files I use the next regexp:

File path regex: \.java\'

OK. It's work. But if I want in files with the next extensions:

 .java, .xml, .properties

What regexp must be? '

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xah-find uses emacs regular expressions (regexps).

Regexps support the or operator with \|. The elisp regexp \.java\|\.xml matches .java OR .xml. Furthermore there are \( and \) for grouping. Therefore you could choose \.\(java\|xml\|properties\)\' as regexp for your special use case.

Side note: If for any reason saving the subexpression of the group has to be avoided one can also use a silent group \.\(?:java\|xml\|properties\)\'.

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