Wondering if it's possible to indicate intent to add a file via magit.

The intention would be to stage parts of an untracked file for a commit but leave the rest, rather than the default git add behaviour of adding the entire file (which might have various wip bits).

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C-us on an untracked file invokes the --intent-to-add behaviour. You can then stage parts of the file as usual.

(Note though that you cannot unstage parts of the file as usual; so be careful of what you're staging.)

Edit: I've just noticed that Magit's ediff1 integration provides a great workaround for the inability to unstage selected parts in this scenario.

  • Type e on the staged file
  • Move to the .~index~ window, which contains the staged changes
  • Edit the content directly (but don't try to save the buffer)
  • Exit ediff with q from the control buffer
  • Confirm to Magit that you wish to update the index
  • Profit!

1 I'll assume that you already know how to drive ediff. If not, then (a) I highly recommend taking some time to get familiar with it, because it's great; (b) ediff-window-setup-function is the variable to customize to prevent it opening a separate frame for the control buffer; (c) It has its own manual at C-h i g (ediff)

  • Just dipping my toes into the water with ediff, will definitely be digging into it more. Thanks for the tips. Dec 6, 2017 at 23:52

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