I am trying to install elpy. I added the lines

(require 'package)
(add-to-list 'package-archives
     '("melpa-stable" . "https://stable.melpa.org/packages/")


;; For elpy
(setq elpy-rpc-python-command "python3")
;; For interactive shell
(setq python-shell-interpreter "python3")

to my init.el file. I ran package-refresh-contents. It asked me permission to grant a connection, and I chose Always. Then I try package-install RET elpy RET, but I get a no match. I saw this:


But, my package-archive agrees with the only answer. What should I try? Thanks.

  • What happens if you try M-x list-packages? elpy is not in the list?
    – jerome
    Dec 17 '17 at 16:25
  • @jerome It is on the list.
    – J126
    Dec 17 '17 at 18:43
  • Try installing it from there? Typically you would put the point at the line where elpy is found, then type i to mark the package for install, and then x to execute. To see other commands available type h.
    – jerome
    Dec 17 '17 at 18:47

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