My company uses SVN, and one of the things I often want to do is compare the differences that someone else checked in without doing an update. For example, if I see someone has committed a new version of foo.pl, and I want to compare what is in the HEAD compared to my local foo.pl, I could do this:

svn diff -r BASE:HEAD foo.pl

is there a vc-command that already does this? I imagine if there was a way to load a buffer with the contents of BASE:HEAD foo.pl, then I could use ediff to compare the two buffers...

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You can use the command ediff-revision, see the the manual for details.

  • Thanks! Took a little messing around, but I got it working. By default it compares my changes vs the revision I started from. But if I change revision to "HEAD" I get exactly what I want.
    – LivingDust
    Commented Dec 12, 2017 at 16:15

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