I'm working on a latex document


% to use the tag
% \usepackage{catchfilebetweentags}
% \ExecuteMetaData[file.tex]{tag}



  \question What is the first sentence of \emph{Moby Dick}?
    \emph{Call me Ishmael.}




As the document grows, I find myself often issuing C-x h TAB to fix my formatting.

The problem is that this key sequence takes the two strings


and places a space after the % character:

% <*afterclass>
% </afterclass>

This causes problems in another script. Is it possible to "protect" these two lines from this formatting?


The simple way is to set comment-padding to 0 in a buffer-local variable. However, that has the effect of removing spaces after the percent sign on every comment line. If that is problematic, you may have to patch (or better: advice) the function LaTeX-indent-line.

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