How can I jump to the commit log around the commit I'm interested in?

I use magit-blame a lot while reading the history of a project. While doing that, I RET to see the commit that changed the line I'm interested in. Now, from that *magit-revision buffer, I can open a history buffer using magit-log with the specified revision on top, but how can I see the log around the commit?

Yes I can use magit-log with $rev^10...master to see the history from $rev to master but a) this will take long time if the $rev is old, b) not clean ;p.

Is there better way to list commit log with 10 parents and 10 children?

I assume what I want to do is to get commits like this:

git rev-list 71058854a42cd1~10.. | tail -n 20

and plot them in the buffer?

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I plan to implement that. See Given a commit, show log of "surrounding" commits #2990.

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