Does emacs/elisp have something equivalent or similar to Clojure's datomic?

What I tried: google emacs datomic

fyi by datomic I'm referring to this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Datomic


Considering that Datomic is a commercial-grade database system with a Datalog query language, good scalability and time traveling capabilities, this is rather unlikely. I'm only aware of two database systems written in Emacs Lisp, BBDB (which is just lots of code for serializing contact data to Lisp vectors) and Elfeed's solution (which actually resembles one).

None of these even manage reaching SQLite levels of usability, so hoping for an even better solution that can be used in a distributed way is a waste of time. You're best off with shelling out to a script doing the hard work.

edit: If you're looking for something that be ported and is similar in spirit, Picolisp has Pilog with Prolog-like query language and Datascript is someone's interpretation of Datomic with a JS interface.

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