I am using Xah Fly Keys.

How should I change the function one of Xah Fly Keys key bindings calls?

For example when in Xah Fly Keys command mode space c . calls the find-file function but I would like it to call the helm-find-files function instead.

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With the help of aminb on freenode #emacs-beginners and the Xah Fly Keys customization documentation I have got it working.

In my init file after requiring Xah Fly Keys I added:

(define-key xah-fly-c-keymap (kbd ".") 'helm-find-files)

which made it so that space c . calls helm-find-files.

As another example:

(define-key xah-fly-leader-key-map (kbd "a") 'helm-M-x)

makes space a call helm-M-x.

  • Thank you for figuring it out and posting a working solution!
    – Dan
    Dec 19, 2017 at 14:44

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