When I do isearch on the buffer having coq mode it somehow executes code folding,
something like (... *)...

I have tried to use (setq company-coq-disabled-features '(code-folding)) for disabling code folding, but it didn't help (the code folding face was changed from [...] to ... though).

Any ideas how to disable a code folding completely?

My full emacs setup for Coq:

;; Coq
(setq overlay-arrow-string "")
(setq company-coq-disabled-features '(code-folding))

(add-hook 'coq-mode-hook
          (lambda ()

(add-hook 'coq-goals-mode-hook #'add-fira-code-symbol-keywords)
(add-hook 'coq-response-mode-hook #'add-fira-code-symbol-keywords)

(setq proofgeneral (shell-command-to-string "printf \"$(dirname $(dirname $(readlink $(which proofgeneral))))/share/emacs/site-lisp/ProofGeneral/generic/proof-site\""))
(load proofgeneral)
  • OK, I found the workaround − to use swiper instead of isearch for coq files xD
    – drets
    Dec 19 '17 at 21:22

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