Why can't I expand a macro inside (quail-define-rules)?

(defmacro quail-test ()
    `("c" ["success!"]))

(quail-define-package "experiment" "Experiment" "X" t
                                            "Just an experiment."
                                            nil t t nil nil nil nil nil nil nil t)
 ("a" ?!)
 ("b" ["circus"])
  • I'm not familiar with quail-define-rules, but it sounds like a problem that a lot of macros have. Well, not so much of a problem as misconception about how they must be used. The way macros are expanded is by repeatedly calling macroexpand, so one macro can produce a tree with macros in it, and it will be expanded on the next cycle. However, macros rarely call macroexpand during their own expansion. The later is uncommon, and if a macro does that, it will usually mention it in its documentation. Think about macros as defining syntax rules, then you'd see that (quail-test) is invalid.
    – wvxvw
    Commented Dec 20, 2017 at 6:54


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