How do I create interactive lambda functions?

(use-package general
  :ensure t
  (general-evil-setup t)
  ;;(setq general-default-keymaps 'evil-normal-state-map)

   :states '(normal motion emacs)
   :prefix "SPC"
   "l"  '(:ignore t :which-key "Workspace")
   "lc" '(perspeen-create-ws :which-key "Create workspace")
   "l1" '((lambda () (interactive) (perspeen-goto-ws 1)) :which-key "Workspace 1")
   "l2" '((lambda () (interactive) (perspeen-goto-ws 2)) :which-key "Workspace 2")


This works but isn't there a less vebose way?

I also tired funcall and call-interactively

"l1" '((funcall perspeen-goto-ws '1) :which-key "Workspace 1")

But that doesn't seem to work

Another idea was to expand a macro but that also doesn't seem to work

(defmacro goto-ws (idx)
  (lambda () (interactive) (perspeen-goto-ws idx)))

"l2" '((expand-macro '(goto-ws 2)) :which-key "Workspace 2")

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